Elite DFW on Memorable Mentors

At Elite DFW we value the knowledge and guidance mentors provide. As we become mentors ourselves, we look forward to imparting the same positive wisdom to our mentees. Here are some key qualities we believe create the most memorable mentors.

One thing we’ve observed at Elite DFW is how great mentors tend to be patient and respectful. They are committed to active listening in order to fully understand the concerns of others. While they might have considerably more experience and accomplishments to their names, great mentors allocate time and effort to discuss what their mentees are working on and provide needed guidance.

In fact, the absolute best mentors focus on building strong relationships with their mentees. They bond and become acquainted on a more personal level. This connection helps build trust, providing mentees with permission and encouragement to be open about their goals and ambitions. A mentee who perceives his or her mentor as an idol will be less likely to discuss weaknesses.

Exceptional mentors are humble. They aren’t afraid to admit that they, too, have had their struggles. In fact, our Elite DFW associates have discovered that the most effective mentors readily share their own failures and mistakes as lessons to be learned by their charges.

What other qualities do you believe great mentors should possess, and why?

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